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Endless Summer Weekend

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NOTE: Endless Summer will be available for Xbox One and PC.
Endless Summer Gem Storm
From Friday August 28th – Sunday August 30th, enjoy 25 free Gems with each First Win of the Day. Complete 5 First Wins of the Day and receive a bonus Summer of SMITE Chest roll! That means, you could be earning 200 Gems, plus a Summer of SMITE Chest roll every day this weekend!

Pantheon Pool Party
On top of the First Win of the Day bonuses, the Pantheons are throwing one last, epic pool party this weekend! Every day this weekend, several Pantheons’ gods will be free to play. Here’s the schedule:

BONUS: For each day of the pool party, select skins and voice packs will be on sale for 50% off!
400 Gems → 200 Gems
Sacred Dragon Kukulkan

Space Monkey Hun Batz

Red Star Athena


Daisy Despair Scylla

Blind Vengeance Nemesis
Greek & Mayan Voice Packs 200 Gems → 100 Gems
400 Gems → 200 Gems
Frost Maiden Freya

Gravehound Anubis

Madame Blade Serqet

Mountain Man Odin

Ms Diagnosis Neith

The Survivor Ullr
Norse & Egyptian Voice Packs 200 Gems → 100 Gems
600 Gems → 300 Gems
He Bro
400 Gems → 200 Gems
Cyberpunk Ne Zha

Death Machine Bakasura

Grand Slam Hercules

Jandroid Janus

Master Guan Fu

Pajama Party Kumbhakarna

Torment Bellona

Volcanic Agni
Roman, Hindu & Chinese Voice Packs 200 Gems → 100 Gems
Match of The Day
Saturday, August 29th: Omnipotence Draft
The Gods have reached their maximum power and are ready to battle for control of Olympus!

  • Map: Conquest
  • Starting Level: 5
  • Cooldown Reduction: 80%
  • Infinite Mana
  • Gods: Owned
  • Selection: Draft Pick

Sunday, August 30th: Cooldowns Runneth Over
Fire abilities at will in this frantic MOTD where all your abilities have a greatly reduced cooldown!

  • Map: Arena
  • Infinite Mana
  • Starting/Maximum Cooldown Reduction: 80%
  • Starting Level: 20
  • Starting Gold: 100,000
  • Gods: All
  • Selection: Random
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