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Chinese Pantheon Sale

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Celebrate the Chinese New Year in style next week! Starting Monday, February 8th through Thursday, February 11th, grab select Chinese skins and voice packs at 50% off. This event will be available for both PC and Xbox One.

Skin Original Price Sale Price
Tempest Ao Kuang 100 Gems 50 Gems
Bright Moon Chang’e 100 Gems 50 Gems
Unstoppable Blade Guan Yu 100 Gems 50 Gems
Cascade He Bo 100 Gems 50 Gems
Sunbreaker Hou Yi 100 Gems 50 Gems
Blue Lotus Ne Zha 100 Gems 50 Gems
Amethyst Nu Wa 100 Gems 50 Gems
Silver Sage Sun Wukong 100 Gems 50 Gems
Indomitable Xing Tian 100 Gems 50 Gems
King of Ghosts Zhong Kui 100 Gems 50 Gems
Dragon King Ao Kuang 250 Gems 125 Gems
Heavenly Warlord Sun Wukong 250 Gems 125 Gems
Sun’s Bride Chang’e 400 Gems 200 Gems
Master Guan Fu Guan Yu 400 Gems 200 Gems
Moon’s Groom Hou Yi 400 Gems 200 Gems
Cyberpunk Ne Zha 400 Gems 200 Gems
Siege Engine Xing Tian 400 Gems 200 Gems
He Bro He Bo 600 Gems 300 Gems
Dark Lord Sun Wukong 600 Gems 300 Gems
G.I. Zhong Zhong Kui 600 Gems 300 Gems


Voice Pack Original Price Sale Price
Ao Kuang 200 Gems 100 Gems
Chang’e 200 Gems 100 Gems
Guan Yu 200 Gems 100 Gems
He Bo 200 Gems 100 Gems
Hou Yi 200 Gems 100 Gems
Ne Zha 200 Gems 100 Gems
Nu Wa 200 Gems 100 Gems
Sun Wukong 200 Gems 100 Gems
Xing Tian 200 Gems 100 Gems
Zhong Kui 200 Gems 100 Gems
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