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Removal of Weekly Quest Gems

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Weekly Quests

The Weekly Quest gem rewards have been removed in favor of, well, favor. The Daily Login rewards are still in place and so are the quests, except the latter won’t reward you gems like before. According to PonPon, given the weekly Daily Login plus the Weekly Quest gem rewards, it was difficult to host events such as Gem Storms. More below.

As it stands now the system is not working very well. Because of the number of free gems available by adding back in the Daily Login, we’ve found it difficult to run Gem Storms and special events that can reward gems, something that has always been healthy for SMITE and had great participation. Additionally, we didn’t get the full effect of the favor bonus we were looking to provide with quests when we reduced the number.


In other words, you’ll still receive gems with the Daily Login System and a higher amount of favor through the Weekly Quests.

*Head on over to the forums to voice your opinion.

God’s Bounty

This weekend’s event will be God’s Bounty. Starting Friday, March 18, you will receive double worshipers and favor and 30 Gems for completing three First Wins of the Day, for a total of 90 Gems this weekend.

This event will be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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  • Laura Palmer

    Ummh I guess anyone will care about complete quests without gems…


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