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Worst Supp NA Giveaway

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We all love supports on SMITE, especially tanky guardians with hard CC or squishy mages with strong heals and buffs. But is there a support that reigns supreme above the rest? Well, the answer is subjective. I want to know: Who is both your favorite and least favorite support in the game? If you hate every support in the game (for some reason), tell me which God/Goddess you’d like to see on SMITE as a support.


Illustrious Erlang Shen
Tomas Jiny
Jericho Ware

Iron Maw Fenrir
Mmay Rose Romero Berido

Frostbound Skadi
Courtney T

I’ll be e-mailing the winners, so make sure to check periodically, especially your junk/spam folder!


Who is your favorite and least favorite support on SMITE? Post your picks on the comments section below.
Make sure to use your actual e-mail address so that I can contact you if you win!


FIVE winners will be chosen and receive one of the following skins for PC:

  • 3 winners: Illustrious Erlang Shen
  • 1 winner: Iron Maw Fenrir
  • 1 winner: Frostbound Skadi

This giveaway will end on Saturday, July 23rd!

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  • kiddo

    I Love playing support. Chang’e is my favourite to play as, Khepri is my least favourite to play against.

  • Cedi

    My favorite support is Fafnir and my least favorite is probably Athena

  • Khondokar Solaiman

    Most favorite: Khepri

    Least favorite: Xing Tian

    thanks for the awesome giveaway btw

  • Dominik Kalemba

    My favorite support is Xing Tian and my least is kumbha. :3 <3 Good luck everyone!

  • Leau Marius

    My favorite and main supp its Ares, and less i don’t have one,all are great and fun to play πŸ˜€

  • Shawn Michael

    Favorite support is for sure Aproditie, she has great heals and damage, another favorite is hel, she has great heals and damage. I think the worst support is probally solbek.

  • Lucas

    My favourite support, when well played , is hel! Awesome support! My less favourite one, xing tian!

  • Pun95

    Athena, Khepri, Ares ..plzz. Best supp is Chang’e always be close to her beloved Hou Yi

  • Eamonn Guile

    My fave has to be either Khumba or Cabrakan i love the CC on both of them and you can really make your enemy hate you ^^ but i hate xing tian and hes players tba they all seem to be really aggro πŸ˜›

  • SΓ΄ RΓ’ndōṃ

    My favorite Support is Athena
    and my least favorite support is Hel

  • Gustavo A. Rivero

    My favorite always will be Khepri, least favorite is Vamana, i dont hate him but i dont like him lol

  • Violet

    My favorite is, the one and only, the perfect, God of Wine: Bacchus <3 My least favorite is, sadly, the Goddess of Beauty πŸ™ Aphrodite

  • Mmay Rose Romero Berido

    SOBEK Because he was the very first god I ever played and I hated him for a long time after that and just recently started to use him more and just generally as Sobek I feel like I help my team far more than as other supports. With others it’s so easy for me to accidentally take a kill with one of their abilities. With Sobek I know my damage potential. And my least favourite is GUAN YU. Guan Yu has a very spammable heal that can be significant in early game. It’s not what you level up first, but it can trigger plenty in a teamfight, giving you and your teammates plenty of effective health. He’s also one of two healers who makes an effective support.

  • CompleteExposure

    Favorite: probably Geb/Athena

    Least favorite: Cabrakan or Ares

  • Buck Lenovera

    (My Favorite). Aphrodite can play support but she best of in solo lane where she can farm safe for the lategame. The reason she can support is that her kiss gives her and her soulmate movement speed and if used on an enemy her soulmate gets a powerbuff for 5 seconds. She also gives her soulmate more mana which never is a bad thing from her passive and her knock off can secure kills or be used to get people away from you or your partner. Her love birds heals you and your partner quite well and also helps with laneclear and lastly the ultimate undying love makes you and your partner immune to damage and cc for up to 2 seconds at max rank and you can also use it while under cc.

    Another god that can also help his partner is Guan Yu (my least Favorite Support) by removing protections from the enimies and he can also heal himselft and his teammates. Guan Yu is also a decent pick for support because he is tankier the mages because he is a warrior and is better suited for a tanky role.

  • SirCannagen

    best one: kumbha. cause sleeping is OP
    worst one: aphro. cause: dude, that girl is not even a support! :O

  • Nila

    My favorite Support is Bacchus! πŸ˜€ I started playing Supp role when no-one would pick it (I’m not supp main though). I chose Bacchus as my first playable Guardian because once I had a match against one that was abrasively hilarious (yeah, the irony :/ ).
    I love Bacchus because I have fun playing him, whether I win or lose, the fun is always guaranteed πŸ™‚ I tend to be a very aggressive player and I can achieve this with Bacchus. I toy with his builds too, from going full def, CD or CC red, to Pen and/or Dmg, it just depends on the match (or even my mood).
    (I also like Sylvanus and Ares, but I’m really bad with the latter xD).

    My least favorite (to play), is Xing, simply because I don’t know how to play him.
    Least to play against, Kumba and Ymir, their CC is just annoying.

  • Vangel

    My least favorite supp is Sylvanus, he’s way too clunky for me. On the other hand, my favorite supp is probably Athena, she’s always in the meta and it’s insanely fun to annoy people with her CC πŸ˜›

  • Razor Back

    Really enjoy playing Kumbakharna. Main reason I like Kumba is that he really feels like a support – his damage output is tiny but all of his CC His 1 is nice for setting up last hits as well.

    My least Favorite is Ymir. Ymir is fun to play but he does way too much damage right now.

  • Khiem Nguyen

    I like ares, sobek, bacchus and kumbhakarna simply because of the damage they can deal, least favorite maybe sylvanus just because he has no mobility

  • Jericho Ware

    I’d have to say Xing Tian is my favorite support. His 2 roots and damages, while his ult can grab all nearby enemies and toss them in a more favorable position…Like into your allied towers firing range for example >;). Least favorite…I’d have to say…Chronos. His stun is useful…but that’s about it…In my opinion.

  • Anna Ananas

    My favorite support is Baccus) He is very usefull.

  • CourtneyT

    Favorite support is Kumbhakarna! With a blink, he has amazing crowd control. Pair him with any mage’s ultimates, like Vulcan Rockets, Scylla’s Monster, or He Bo’s wave and they can easily land catastrophic damage at will.

    Least favorite support is Fafnir. His CC is unreliable at best. The hammer is hard to land, and even with success, its only single target and lasts for a very short time. As for the rest of his build, his cool downs are extremely long.

  • Aar0n

    Favorite Support : Has to be Bacchus… Fatman Leap is so fun to do. Peeling is really easy cause he has lots of CC and the best part – If your adc ain’t doing that hot, leap and belch to win the game. Even if you don’t win atleast you got to belch on people
    Least liked: Fafnir. Never really liked Fafnir as support. IMO stun is the only thing going for him

  • Liudvikas Čiapas

    Most favourite – Ymir is here! Couse he can be hella tanky and bring mass damage atst.
    Least favourite is Bacchus – I never played him but when I’m up against him I cri

  • Alyssa

    Favourite support: Aphrodite
    I’d say she’s definitely underrated. Her stun can be vital in setting up kills, she does a ton of healing once built, and her ultimate is immunity. As long as you ult at the right times, it can really make a difference.

    Least favourite: Ymir
    Just because he’s annoying to deal with.
    That’s all.

  • Chadox

    My Favorite is Athen Geb and my Least Favorite is Sylvanus and Khepri πŸ™‚

    Athena has fantastic global presence with her ult and one of the best CC abilities in the game, along with a dash to initiate and decent damage as well.

    Geb is very tanky and his shield is one of the best abilities in the game hands down, in addition to that all of his other moves have CC and he has good mobility because of his roll out, although it can be blocked.

    Sylvanus has strong heals, along with the ability to pull people out of position(If you can land it) and a really good ult to initiate with.

    Kephri’s pull is very useful to secure kills for your team, his 2 gives him fantastic early game waveclear and a very strong buff for your allies, and his ult is also one of the best abilities in the game.

    Those four make up your top four supports, who you pick really depends on what kind of ADC you’re running and if they have waveclear or not. For example, you do not want to run a Freya and Geb, your lane will get demolished. Meanwhile Kephri works well with aggressive ADCs that can pump out a lot of damage earlygame to secure you kills and win lane.

  • Chadox


  • Encantadia Verlone

    Athena is one of the best supports in the game, and one of the most versatile guardians. You can play her every role except Hunter. She can be played at her best, however in the support and jungle role. She offers the best CC in game with her taunt, and because she has a dash, she doesn’t need to buy Blink to initiate, unlike Ymir, Sylvanus and Ares. You can buy Shell/Weakening/Heavenly Agility for her spare active slot. Her taunt is very strong, as you can force enemies to attack and/or move towards you which means you can peel or setup kills. She is also very tanky, and she can block some autoattacks with the passive of her 1. She also offers global presence which can easily turn the tables over in a gank. However be cautious when you use your ultimate on your solo laner because this opens the possibility for the enemy team to start the Gold Fury. She is my Favorite and my least πŸ™‚

  • Tomas Jiny

    Favorite Support is Sylvanus and least favorite support is Ymir

  • Joseph Kuchel

    Favorite: Cabrakan

    Worst: Bacchus

  • tAnt0

    My absolute favorite is Aphrodite, I love playing with her and I haven’t lost a single game with her so far. And the absolute worst is Bacchus, he’s such a pain to play against.

  • Flaviu

    The best support for me is ymir and worst is cabrakan because i dot know how to use for me is stupid support

  • Fel Mahonri

    I was playing a game as Sobek and wondered, what type of support do you like? Either to play as or with? I think Sobek is my favorite, those clutch, 1% from not landing flips are just too much fun, although without microphone communication it gets a bit confusing…

  • Stubbs94

    Favorite support god Athena worst is Khepri


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