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Redeem Freebies Through SMITE’s YouTube Celebration

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Everyday from Friday, February 17 through Thursday, February 23, Hi-Rez will be uploading videos to celebrate 1 million subs on YouTube. Each video will contain a special promo code that will last for a limited time (1PM EST – 4PM EST). Below are the two codes that have been given out so far.

  • 1.) THANKYOUYOUTUBE (Lady of the Lore Announcer Pack) – February 17th
  • 2.) MEZ4PREZ (Mezmoreyez Announcer Pack) – February 18th
  • 3.) OWMYFEELINGS (Inuki Announcer Pack) – February 19th
  • 4.) LIKESHAREWORSHIP (Lady of the Lore Announcer Pack) – February 20th
  • 5.) CHEERSPON (Mezmoreyez Announcer Pack) – February 21st
  • 6.) INUKISGOLDENVOICE (Inuki Announcer Pack) – February 22nd
  • 7.) SMITELORESBACK (Lady of the Lore Announcer Pack) – February 23rd
Video Schedule

Friday Feb 17: 1,000,000 Subs – Thank You Video Montage
Saturday Feb 18: Top 10 Fan-Favorite SmiteGame YT Series
Sunday Feb 19: Hi-Rez Reads Mean YouTube Comments #2
Monday Feb 20: The Gods Create a YouTube Channel (by Nevercake)
Tuesday Feb 21: Drunk Mythology #6 (feat. Pon Pon)
Wednesday Feb 22: SMITE – Top 5 Plays of All Time
Thursday Feb 23: SMITE Show – Best of 2016 Awards

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  • Jessica Simmons

    So what days were they codes released so far posted? so I know which ones are expired?

    • Elu

      Schedule is under “Video Schedule”, however, I added them again next to the codes for clarity.

      • Jessica Simmons

        Todays code is not working for me I keep getting a purchase error, maybe I already have the reward unlocked? what is the reward for today please?

        • Elu

          It was the Lady of the Lore Announcer Pack.

  • Eamonn Guile

    whats todays code, or when is the Video coming?


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