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Draw This! Contest Winners

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In the slideshow you can view the winners of the Draw This! contest! I decided to pick more than 3 winners, so I split some prizes. There were so many submissions and I’m so grateful to everyone who participated. I do apologize for not having enough codes for everyone because all of the concepts are amazing!

I’ll be sending out e-mails or DMs to the winners, so please respond as soon as possible!

3rd Place – “Starving Artist Zhong Kui” by Danielle Andreassi
3rd Place – “Serial Killer Ravana” by Henry

2nd Place – “Penny Hunz” by Hamza Naveed
2nd Place – “Lord of Metal Zhong Kui” by Blessed by Sobek

1st Place – “Pâtissier Zhong Kui” by Ginie

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