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Deathbringer King Arthur Now Available Through Twitch Prime

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The Deathbringer King Arthur bundle is now available through Twitch Prime! Simply head on over to Twitch, and click on the crown on the top right. Note: Make sure you have a Twitch Prime or Amazon Prime subscription! You can link your Hi-Rez and Twitch accounts here.

Find the Deathbringer King Arthur image on the drop-down menu and click on Learn More. When you head there, it’ll give you a Claim Now option. Click it. If your Hi-Rez and Twitch accounts aren’t linked, it’ll ask you to link them first. After linking them, go back to the same page we just arrived in on Twitch and click on Claim Now. Your loot is claimed! Now open Smite and you’ll see the following rewards: King Arthur (God), Deathbringer King Arthur (skin), Cutesy King Arthur (avatar), King Arthur announcer pack, and the King Arthur loading screen. As you can see from the page, there will be other rewards for Smite available in the future! If you were already on Smite and haven’t received your rewards, make sure to restart it!

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