Smite Skin Concept for the giveaway


Skin concept for Poseidon

« Hellseidon »

Hello and welcome to my skin concept for Poseidon, I am So Monster your fan from the Facebook page and I want to participate in your creative giveaway with this skin.

Note : the skin Idea is mine, but since I can’t draw I clipped most of the material from the internet and chose which fit the skin.


Appearance :

Poseidon will spawn from hell to shower his enemies in the burning lava So Poseidon will have a red skin since. He’ll have demon horns coming out of  his head  and a crown of the sapphire because vogue. He’ll have red eyes and hideous teeth , a black/red beard . On he’s left side he’ll have teeth coming out of his skin . and on his right side he’ll have a hell dog instead of the shark.



Abilities :

1st Ability – Tidal Surge

Tidal Surge Poseidon summons forth a wave of lava that travels in a line, dealing damage and pushing back all enemies in its path.


2nd Ability – Trident

 Trident Poseidon activates his Trident, granting Move speed and making his basic attacks fire 2 additional shots of  lava

 3rd Ability – Whirlpool

 Whirlpool Poseidon summons a whirlpool of lava at his ground target location



Ultimate – Release the Kraken!

Release the Kraken! Poseidon erects a volcano from the ground that explodes, damaging and slowing targets in its radius. Enemies in the center of the effect when it spawns take additional damage, are bounced into the air and stunned.


This picture is from the tutorial map



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